Netherlands’ Wilders Not Riding Trump’s Coattails

Netherlands' Wilders Not Riding Trump's Coattails
Netherlands’ Wilders Not Riding Trump’s Coattails

EUobserver published an op-ed of mine this week in which I argue that the Trump political spirit has yet to jump the Atlantic.

When Donald Trump won the presidential election in America, Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders predicted it would inspire likeminded movements in Europe.

But that doesn’t seem to be happening in his home country.

Polls show that Freedom Party support is falling while support for Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s liberal party is on the rise. If this trend continues, Rutte could come out on top — although is likely anyway to remain in power either way at the head of a coalition of parties in the center.

As for Wilders, it seems that tying himself to Trump was a mistake. Only one in two Freedom Party voters share his enthusiasm about the new American president.

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