Article About Britain’s Blue-Red Divide Republished by The Corner

UK Election Exacerbates Britain's Blue-Red Divide
UK Election Exacerbates Britain’s Blue-Red Divide

The Corner, an English-language news website in Spain, recently republished an Atlantic Sentinel post of mine in which I argue that Britain’s election exacerbated the island nation’s “blue-red” divide.

The Conservatives, by emphasizing old-fashioned British values like patriotism, self-determination and a suspicion of foreigners, managed to unite middle-class voters in the countryside with older working-class voters in the postindustrial areas — traditionally Labour strongholds.

Labour, by emphasizing cosmopolitan values like multiculturalism, compassion and dislike of Brexit, was able to united Britons who might otherwise have little in common: devout Muslims in Perry Barr, Birmingham; struggling students in Newcastle; millionaire human-rights lawyers in Islington; train drivers in Dagenham.

We saw this divide open up in last year’s Brexit referendum. Now it has become the new normal.

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