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Why the Political Deadlock in Catalonia Shows No Sign of Easing

World Politics Review

Apr 20, 2018

The longer the impasse in Catalonia lasts, the more the extremes benefit, and the less room there will be in the center for a deal.

We Are Living in Parallel Societies


Mar 5, 2018

“Identity politics” is becoming a pleonasm. Identity is politics and politics is identity.

Germany Muddles Through

Atlantic Council

Feb 7, 2018

“Bold” is not a term that comes to mind when reading the grand-coalition deal, but muddling through with substantive policies that improve people’s lives is the Merkel way.

Why Catalans Are So Determined to Hold a Referendum

Diplomatic Courier

Sep 9, 2017

Bad blood between the Catalans and Spaniards goes back centuries, but one only has to go back to 2010 to understand the current crisis.

French Presidential Election Reveals a Divided Nation

Atlantic Sentinel

Apr 24, 2017

The same urban-rural and educational splits we saw with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump appear in France.

PvdA moet nu echt een keus maken


April 21, 2017

Een linkse partij of een arbeiderspartij: de PvdA kan het niet allebei zijn.

De strijd is cultureel, dat maakt de VVD tot de nieuwe middenpartij


March 8, 2017

De politieke tegenstellingen hebben nog maar weinig met economische belangen te maken. Er is sprake van een culturele strijd.

Netherlands’​ Wilders Not Riding Trump’s Coattails


Feb 17, 2017

Geert Wilders’ prediction that the Trump political spirit would jump the Atlantic will soon be put to the test.

Europe’s New Political Divide


Jul 2016

Europe’s traditional political order is breaking down. The public is no longer split between the traditional left and right; the divide is now liberals and internationalists against conservatives and nationalists. The challenge for Europe is finding a new center, including a social compact for the twenty-first century that generates a sense of shared prosperity.