Nick showed that no topic was too hard to learn. His ability to learn fast, and to implement that professionally, are what makes him a great research project manager. His strategic mindset enables him to always see a situation from a “bird’s eye” view and map out situation in ways that help the project’s execution process. Nick’s outstanding analytical abilities and commitment have enabled him to take on increasingly difficult challenges with significant success.

Dr. Shay Hershkovitz
Senior Director of Research and Global Impact Strategy at XPRIZE

Nick’s capabilities go well beyond the organization skills and competencies required of a program manager — he is also a thoughtful political analyst in his own right, consistently adding insight and vision to all the projects we have worked on together. He’s a rare talent and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Douglas Olin
Former Director at Eurasia Group, Former Chief Operating Office at Control Risks

Nick is an exceptional analyst and writer with keen geopolitical insights.

Dr. Carl B. Forkner
Chief Operating Officer of Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants

Nick is an excellent communicator over a wide variety of media and his meticulous attention to detail created a productive and efficient work environment.

Randy Cheek
Africa-Global Health Analyst

He knows how to motivate people to action in a way that also make it pleasant to work with him.

Dr. Roey Tzezana
Senior Scientific Advisor at Obvislim

His track record of having contributed in a great fashion to the expansion of Wikistrat’s business, with dozen of clients, the management of hundreds of simulations and the work of thousands of analysts from across the globe, are all the proofs you need that Nick is a formidable project manager, and not only, as his own analytical output is always of top quality.

Yoni Dayan
Co-Founder of XPOT – Experiences of Tomorrow

Nick always communicated objectives clearly and helped everyone on the team realize those objectives. He proved adept at navigating challenges in a way that kept everyone engaged and productive.

Sean Goforth
Contributing Analyst and Supervisor at Wikistrat