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Puigdemont hoort aan tafel niet in een cel
A Third Way for Catalonia
Why Catalans Are So Determined to Hold a Referendum
Rajoy heeft Catalonië verloren
Why the Political Deadlock in Catalonia Shows No Sign of Easing
There Is Still Room for Compromise in Catalonia
Basken en Catalanen zijn van rol gewisseld
Whatever the Outcome of Elections in Spain, the Catalans Lose


How Indian Shuttle Diplomacy Helped Keep Cruise Missiles Out of the Netherlands
Dutch Seek New Role for Themselves in Europe of Brexit and Macron
De strijd is cultureel, dat maakt de VVD tot de nieuwe middenpartij
Referendum Reveals Blue-Red Divide in Netherlands
Far Right Grows in Opposition to Dutch Consensus Politics

Future of Social Democracy

Lessons for Democrats from Europe
Duitse SPD zit in dezelfde onmogelijke spagaat als PvdA
Social Democrats in Iberia and Scandinavia Try Opposite Strategies
What Can Danes Teach Europe's Social Democrats?


The World May Be Disappointed the Day After the German Election
The German election is boring - and that's fine
Germany Muddles Through
Germany's Nord Stream Climbdown Should Put Ostpolitik to Rest

Illiberal Democracy

Jacksonian Americans Have Found Their Caesar
Liberal America Unwittingly Radicalized Trumpland
Italy May Soon Be Led by an Anti-EU, Pro-Putin Coalition
Republicans Now Have More in Common with the European Far Right


Europe's New Political Divide
Italy Has Become Two Countries
Revenge Against the City: Populists Revolt in America and Europe
We Are Living in Parallel Societies


Sánchez moet niet bang zijn voor federaal Spanje
Spain’s New Socialist Government Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time for the EU
De Spaanse premier Sanchez doet wat Rajoy niet durfde
Catalonië is nu een landelijke splijtzwam
Spain's Moment in the Sun